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Here at Education Financial, we are firm believers in the truth that we all have strengths and can all succeed, all we all need is the right education and the right tools. At Education Financial we believe that we all have something to offer. Our clients teach us while we teach them. Our experienced instructors teach our clients and potential investors what they need to know when starting out in the investment world.

Our events are designed by women who truly understand what it takes to succeed when it comes to investing in real estate. Our instructors strive to teach what they know in a high energy and enthusiastic atmosphere, because they believe in what they’re teaching.

At our events you will learn how to:

  • Take control of your future
  • Bond with like-minded women, families, and community members seeking success
  • Gain the knowledge you need to move forward
  • Learn to lay your fears to rest and act in confidence
  • Be an example and empowering force for good
  • Explore what tools you need to succeed

There is so much everyone can learn about the real estate industry and the potential it holds for investors. Sign up for one of our events and take the first step to changing your future, networking with like minded people, and making a change that has the potential to last for generations. Reach out to one of our experienced, caring, and knowledgeable staff today and make that change you’ve been thinking about.

Our well-educated instructors truly believe in what they teach. That’s one of the many reasons behind why we offer this free event to you and your friends. We feel strongly that what we know must be shared to better impact the lives and futures of women everywhere, no matter your current circumstances. You have the chance to obtain your financial goals. Many of our students have seen positive results by learning:

  • How to build capital as an investor
  • What it means to invest smart
  • How to generate cash flow
  • How to manage in income property
  • What area of real estate is right for you

With the help of our experienced educators, you can learn what you need to build wealth, and see success as a real estate investor.


We all know that as hardworking members of the community we all need a little getaway. Education Financial’s live events are fun, energetic, and provide quality education. We strive to make the night to remember and a night that is completely on us. If you have ever thought about investing, getting involved in the real estate industry, planning for your retirement, or becoming financially secure then sign up for this free event and let’s talk about how we can help you:

  • Become independent
  • Increase your education
  • Become empowered
  • Seize opportunity
  • Achieve success in your life
  • Develop strategies and techniques that will help you obtain success

There’s something here for everyone, and we’re here to share it all with you.

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the following questions, then we believe we can help you:

  • How can I find more satisfaction in life?
  • What will the financial future of my family be?
  • How do I get involved in real estate? I just don’t know where to start.
  • How can I work through the risks of investing?
  • Is financial peace even a reality?

Education Financial is here to help you break the mold and start seeing more. Empower yourself and your future today.

Contact us for further information on times, locations, and availability for one of our free events. Or visit our Events tab to see if there is an event planned near you.