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Top 4 mistakes to avoid when investing in real estate

May 19, 2015
You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again, the number one mistake anyone investing in real estate can make is lack of research. Without knowing your market you are unable to properly account for your investment. In real estate,...
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Why is building your real estate portfolio important?

May 15, 2015
Building your investment portfolio can help you meet your end goal, gain financial freedom, or help you plan for your retirement. Many people see the real estate industry as an important part of their investment portfolios and as a smart,...
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Know where to begin when beginning to invest

May 10, 2015
Beginning to invest in real estate can be a daunting process. Whether you’re investing to plan for retirement, gain financial stability, or just grow your own portfolio, there are many resources out there that help make the process easier. That’s...
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How to succeed as a beginner investor

May 8, 2015
The best advice anyone can give to a beginning investor is to always, always, always, do your homework. Don’t skimp on necessary research needed to succeed. Even the real estate gurus and professionals do all of the homework it takes...
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Top 5 things every beginner investor needs to know

May 1, 2015
Use these 5 tips to make sure you are getting the bang for your buck when it comes to your investment properties.   Know the prices of your current market The worst thing you can do when beginning to invest...
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Women’s Night Out

February 26, 2015
Imagine yourself coming together with a few friends for a casual women’s night out where you can discuss some of your goals, dreams, and innermost aspirations. Now imagine if you could take that to an even larger scale, gathering with...
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