Paula Fellingham, CEO and founder of the Women’s Information Network (the WIN), has become a true force for good in the lives of women all around the world. Seeking to educate, enable, and empower women everywhere, Paula wants them to know that they can succeed in today’s world, and make an impact as they do.

“Although many things are tough in the world right now,” says Paula, “some people are thriving. These people have three of the same characteristics. They believe in themselves, they’re doing their best everyday even though it’s often hard, and they’re finding ways to monetize their skills.”

Through the work of her books, educational videos, and enlightening seminars, Paula seeks to bring out these attributes in the women of today’s world. She is showing just how much power women have to take charge of their futures and start living the life they’ve dreamed of by giving freely of themselves to others, and sharing their light.

Paula’s organization, the WIN, isn’t simply a little band of women who regularly meet together, but a leading force for good in the current women’s movement occurring in the world. Taking part in thousands of women’s Summits all around the globe, Paula is doing so much for women today. She is also the mother of 8 children, the founder of several non-profit organizations, the author of five books, and has achieved a Doctorate of Education in Human Relations.

Understanding that women can feel trapped in the world we live in today and limited by their circumstances, Paula acts as a mentor to help women rise up and shine as they independently go forward. “Having a mentor will accelerate your progress and catapult you forward,” says Paula. Knowing that you have someone standing behind to help you on your way can have a big impact, and Paula is here to do just that.

“No matter where you are on the road to living your best life, please know that my team and I would love to help you get there faster, and avoid unnecessary detours. It’s time to take action,” says Paula. As you learn more about Paula, the WIN, and the many other causes, events, and gatherings that she helps provide, go forward confidently knowing that you can succeed and find friends along the way.