Education Financial is all about empowering women, families, and communities. We do this by helping individuals learn how to gain financial freedom, plan for retirement, and create a legacy to pass down to their children and family.

By having our experienced instructors teach others how to invest in real estate we find a way to help others reach their financial goals.


Why Us

We understand that investing in real estate can be a daunting experience, that is why we offer free events all across the country to help put your mind

at ease. By explaining how we can help you, what tools we offer, and an opportunity for you to speak with experienced and knowledgeable instructors and mentors we help make the process possible. We strive to help our clients have a smooth transition from being

a beginner to a confident investor. After All, we believe that with education comes confidence, and with confidence and hard work comes success.

Check Out Why Us

Education Financial partners with individuals who have the same beliefs, such as, Paula Fellingham,to help families learn how to achieve their goals.

Whether you are interested in investing in tax liens, buy-and-hold properties (rentals), or buy-and-flip properties, we can help you learn how to get started.

By teaching potential and beginner investors all about the tools they need to succeed we can help them reach their financial plans, ambitions. and objectives.

By educating our clients about how to properly complete the due diligence, utilize the tools we offer, and network with fellow, like-minded people we give our students an advantage in the investing world.



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Our instructor for Education Financial was dynamic and we truly enjoyed the experience.

The connections we made with the many wonderful people throughout the course will be pivotal to our business endeavors.

Leslie February 5, 2015

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It is very rewarding and satisfying to be able to submit this transaction for the tuition reimbursement. It proves to me that the system taught works and that it can be done. I have purchased a condo unit in Orlando FL, have a tenant and a PM in place and will be making about $200/mo. Positive cash flow. Thanks!

Glorimor Gonzalez February 5, 2015

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After attending the class in Connecticut on 1/25/14 I decided to buy an acre of land. I acquired it by trading assets worth $35,000 to my husband in a divorce settlement this summer, I put in hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars for 2 months, then sold the land for $130,000 cash on 10/13/14.

Diane Berkey February 5, 2015

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The knowledge I learned in the Education Financial training was invaluable. The training was not just from some random person, he was actually out in the market buying and selling real estate himself.

Cindy Le February 5, 2015

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